Turnaround Terminal


1.  Turnaround times adjustable to 25 minutes
2.  Capacity increase without capital expenditure
3.  Lower construction cost, higher performance, 
     smaller footprint
4.  Standardized operation, Clean Apron, Safe Apron
5.  Landmark Turnaround Terminal 
6.  Patented
7.  Superior passenger experience with shorter walking 
    and more time for shopping  

8.  Benefits for airlines, airport operators,
     governments, investors:

     • Optimal gate efficiency
     • Lower m2 cost and lower cost per passenger
     • Less taxiways
     • Less equipment needed
     • Less employees needed
     • Less fuel consumption
     • Less CO2 and NOX emissions


Turnaround Terminal

T:   +31 20 4040350

Amsteldijk 320

W:   www.turnaroundterminal.com

1083  AB  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

E:   info@turnaroundterminal.com